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Hi, I’m Lea.

I will help you with:

  • feeling better, starting today
  • transforming your body, without following another diet
  • improve your strength and confidence


    After working with many clients and practicing numerous diets on myself aswell, I find that diets simply don’t work longterm – because they lack one important thing: they don’t teach you how to maintain your result after the transformation period, because the result came with practicing and following external cues, such as meal plans, macro plans … The diet may have changed the outcome – the visual aspect – but it was merely the short term solution, that didn’t change the real problem that led you to the point where you’ve decided to change. The diet didn’t change your mindset!

    Everyone has his own standard of what being “fit”, in optimal health and feeling good looks like.

    If you want to achieve a different, higher standard, you have to consistently practice habits, that support that standard of outcome.

    I will help you with breaking down your goal into simple habits, to practice everyday – that way you will keep your result, because you will internally learn the behaviour that support it! 

    Enjoy your food to become stronger, focused, energized, more healthy and still relax with the things that mean the most to you – even with your favourite dessert. 
    Learn what your body is telling you and respect yourself – in all shapes. 

I am a

  • certified IFPA personal trainer,
  • Precision Nutrition 1 Coach.
  • CHFI Strength Performance Coach 2
  • CHFI Performance Nutrition Coach 2

My passion is to learn from the best names in the industry. Recently, I went on a pursuit of knowledge on the other side of the world … In Australia.

I am determined to help you in your pursuit of feeling, moving and eating better: to easily conquer daily challenges and fully experience your life in health, joy and freedom of movement.

I’ll share with you:

I can’t help everyone, but if I can aid a single person to make a positive change of their body and outlook on life – I’ve fullfiled my mission.

“Motion creates emotion.”

– Tony Robbins


Start now and move towards your best shape with even the smallest of steps.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting out.

I believe that true happiness means growth and continuous progression.

While chasing the goal, life is also changing: that’s why the “Enso Circle” on the left represents movement, development and strength.

As we go about sharpening our edges, we realize – there’s no possible straight progression to your end shape.

Life’s joys are about all the other forms between!

Your body at this moment is a creation of your past shapes of thinking and only you have the power to develop new ones if you so desire –

But the goal is to accept this shape today:

Creation of your better self starts here.

My story

On my way from a path where I’ve felt stuck in a negative spiral of thought, unhealthy relationship with food and my body, I’ve aquired a variety of tools with which I work today. With continuouus education I have upgraded my love, passion and curiosity for biology, the human mind and body. To learn as much as possible is my constant aim and with this knowledge I am sincerely determined to help people in their pursuit of feeling, moving and eating better.


Do you want to lose weight, transform your body, get stronger,  more confident and healthy?

I am continually building up my base knowledge and refining my unique methods with which I ensure you to learn the practical  tools that will lead you closer to your goals. With you I share the tools, which are your investment in your longterm physical and mental capabilities.